Best Silk Sarees Buy Online: The Growth Of Pseudo Brands


When was the last time you bought something online? I am sure most of us out here would say a week, a day or an hour before. In today’s scenario, online shopping is becoming the most preferred, sorry, the most loved shopping platform if not to all, but to most of us, as it has made our shopping experience simple and easy, increasing the trust level on the brands. But in this era, there is a lot of disadvantage as well, when it comes to online shopping. The sudden and rapid boom of FAKE BRANDS has spread across the globe, making it difficult and tough for the genuine brands to fight back. Right from duplicating a brand’s products, using a brand’s images without their knowledge, these fake brands have come a long way slightly destroying the trust of customers.  I am sure that most of us here would have encountered at least one or two fake brands in our experience of buying or shopping online.

Introduction to the Pseudo Brand

LTfab is one of those fake brands, which misuses many brand’s products and images by putting it up on their sites.

Silk Sarees Buy Online Shopping

LT Fab:Home Page

LTfab has been selling fake products (with lower quality), by using images of genuine brands, which have established themselves for selling products of pure quality silk sarees and more.

One such brand whose image(s) have been misused by LTfab is Studio Ayana. With a range of pure silk sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees, designer silk sarees, Studio Ayana has been established in the industry for its genuine quality and made a strong bond with its customers.

Pure Silk Sarees Buy Online

Studio Ayana products on LTfab website

How do you identify if the product is of the original brand?


  1. Name of the Products: Studio Ayana has a unique way of naming its products. Each product has a name associated to it, helping the brand differentiate one product from another. This is something that the fake brands don’t follow.

Original Silk Sarees Buy Online

Namings of Studio Ayana

2. Pricing: Silk sarees, of the right quality cannot fall below Rs.5000/-, as the fabric and quality of the product is of pure quality, making it a high quality product. The pricing of any product depends on the quality of the fabric and all the other aspects associated with it. When you see LTfab, their products are all priced at Rs.1, 399/-, and are called as silk sarees. And it is for sure that it is not of original quality, as they print the fabrics from a machine.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Buy Online

LTfab Pricing


Best Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Printing technique of LTfab

3. Reviews: A customer review can speak a lot for a brand. Studio Ayana maintains a great rapport with its customers and tired to work according to the customer’s need and wants. LTfab on the other hand, doesn’t notice the customer’s queries has had a lot of issues in the space.

Designer Silk Sarees Buy Online

Reviews and comments on LTfab


Pattu Sarees Buy Online Shopping

Review and comment on Fabino  (another brand similar to LTfab)

How do the fake brands take the images?

Studio Ayana has a very secure website, making it difficult for anyone to download images from the site. But when it comes to Facebook, as it is a social media platform, where the images can be downloaded, making it easy for brands like LTfab to use the images for their own purpose.

Craze and Demand, and Fabnio are fake brands similar to LTfab, which use other brand’s images for fake products.

Bridal Pure Silk Sarees

Craze and Demand


Buy Designer Silk Sarees Online Shopping



Silk Sarees With PriceFabnio

Customers who are aware about Studio Ayana have always made sure to spread the information to their friends and family about the fake brands, as they can easy differentiate between Studio Ayana and the fakes. But, the people who aren’t aware of this concept are easily getting drawn towards these fake brands.

So, the next time you shop something online, make sure to do your own analysis on the above mentioned points and take a decision accordingly. Invest in something, which is of good quality, long lasting and is worth the money.

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