Pink Ivory

Pink Ivory

The pink ivory collection our most iconic collection is an amazing blend between two of the most beautiful colors ever to exist .The colors of Love and peace coexist which is quintessential in these saris.
It’s one of the three rarest varieties on the planet. It’s grown almost entirely in Southern Africa and it’s the sovereign tree of the Zulu Nation. According to an old legend, the Zulus called pink ivory the “royal wood“because only the royal family was allowed to own it. Anyone else possessing it had to fear capital punishment.


Ocean of Chaos

In an ocean of chaos, she was the pillar of strength and calm that  others gravitated to for support and comfort. She wouldn’t have it any other way.


Northern Lights

This collection serves to bring the colors of the wonders of nature   across the world in the form of a garment which you can wear every day and vicariously experience the travels which you will perform but haven’t yet. The colors of the northern lights experienced by a few