Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Buy Online: A Generational Wonder


We know of the saying- “Our mother is our first guru”. Growing up as a girl, we have all definitely had a phase where our mothers have been our secret role-model for fashion and styling (leave aside the fact that we have accepted it to them or anyone publicly). Be it the beautiful parallel pant salwar kameez with a flowing dupatta, or those elegant sarees that made them look simply gorgeous, our mothers were certainly the beginning for us to create our own style.

Personally for me, I’ve always admired my mother’s simplicity in the choice of her clothes and the way she knew exactly what suited her best. She has had a great impact on the way I style, especially when it comes to Indian wear.

But, have you ever had an eye on this one beautiful saree of hers? The one that she wouldn’t let you wear (the reason may differ from- “That’s my wedding saree” or “That’s my mother’s saree” or maybe “Oh no, that’s your dad’s first gift to me”). I am sure, most of the times the reason might not be true. The simple reason is that she loves the saree and would never give it to you, cause let’s face it, she doesn’t trust you, YET!

There is something about sarees, something that attracts us. It maybe the elegant look, the graceful flow of the spread, or how we have seen our mothers or grandmothers or aunts look so beautiful in them that we have craved to recreate the same style for ourselves as well.

One such beauty that we have all admired forever despite its traditional connect, are the Kanchipuram silk sarees. With a history that goes beyond 4,500 years, Kanchipuram silk sarees are one of those very few trends that have been continued from generation to generation. A temple border silk saree, with a beautiful yet royal silk border, or the modern and fancy silk sarees with their beautiful and subtle designs (exactly how most of the ladies of this generation would love), Kanchipuram silk sarees have never lost their charm and stayed a woman’s admiration from generations to now.

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In today’s scenario, the e-commerce sector of clothing industry is booming tremendously with the raise in the level of customer’s trust with the brands (leave aside the fake brands). Most often, the e-commerce sites are the first aspect to a brand that the customers interact with making it the face of the brand itself. I am one such person who browses through the internet to check out a brand and the kind of products that they sell. One such clothing brand that I encountered was Studio Ayana, with its unique range of saree including Kanchipuram silk sarees, banarasi silk sarees, latest designer sarees, designer lehengas and much more.

Like most of us, I was hesitant to buy something online, as it was on the higher range, and hence, I wanted to look at the product in person and check them out myself. So, I head out to their store located in Nungambakkam, Chennai.

A pretty boutique situated at the heart of the city, Studio Ayana’s finely woven sarees, attractive designs and unique collections are an absolute treat for the eyes. And their collections of Kanchipuram silk sarees are just mesmerizing! And, the fact that they name each of their products in a unique way, connecting it to one or the other aspect of it, gives a special feeling about the brand itself.

There were many sarees that grabbed my attention, but there were these few that were really special, as they connected to me on a personal level.

One such was Ayana’s Mayurakshi. A saree that reminded me of my cousin on her wedding day, bright like the sun, Mayurakshi just swept me by its beauty. The beautiful zari work, the perfect color combination and tradition appeal was combined to give a perfect look to this saree.


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Well, I am a huge fan of sarees with the color combination of green and pink, they somehow make a perfect pair when it comes to any outfit. Imagine the sight of a grand silk saree in light green and pink, with a matching jewelry set, making a picture perfect look for you? Yes, as I said, I love and cannot resist the combination. Ayana’s Nanda Upasana was my dream come true saree, which I didn’t want to let go of, and well I didn’t too.


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Remember when I told you about the saree of my mom’s that I really love? Well I found a saree at Ayana, which actually resembled similar to that of my mother’s. Nichayathartham by Ayana, a stunning Kanchipuram silk saree took me by awe, and reminded of my beautiful mother in that one saree, which I love the most.


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The other sarees include Checkerboard and Aishwaryam, sarees which will definitely entice you with their beauty.


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Awestruck?  I definitely am!

Well, Kanchipuram silk sarees are meant to fascinate us and will definitely remain every generation’s favorite despite the changing trend in the clothing industry each year.

It is just the matter of question if you have found your special Kanchipuram silk saree yet? Just visit the Studio Ayana located at Haddows lane, Nungambakkam to get you own Kanchipuram silk saree from many of its marvelous collections.

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