Contemporary Kanjivaram Wedding Silk Sarees | Studio Ayana

Handwoven pure kanjivaram wedding silks are the essential one’s the bride needs to wear during the traditional hindu wedding. Kanjivaram wedding silk sarees gets an emotional appeal throughout the lifetime of a South-Indian wedding bride thinking of the old fond memories. The color choice of the wedding Kanchipuram silk saree is the one that stands out as it signifies the auspicious beginning of the new life.

The purity of the bridal kanjivaram silk sarees lies in the traditional handwoven methods incorporating silver and gold zari’s with beautiful motifs incorporated all over the saree. Complimenting these lavishing pure kanjivaram wedding pattu sarees the blouse stitching should also be at par with excellent stitching design and with perfect comfort.


Presenting the Ayana Udaan series the best kanjivaram wedding silk sarees collection that you were looking for your auspicious wedding. Get the best colour you want from the Ayana Udaan series to get that perfect bridal look and also preserving the purity in you with the elegance that these sarees expend.