Navratri 2018: 9 exclusive collections to make you look festive ready!


Navratri is here and  the festive time of the year begins ! We Indians, celebrate each and every festival in the most ‘big fat Indian’ way that’s ever possible. One such festival that is celebrated all across India and by Indians all over the world is Navratri / Navarathri / Durga Puja. This 9 day festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and devotion across the country, while the north celebrates with their flamboyant dance move nights at their dandiya, the south completes with decorating their home and welcoming guests with lavish foods across.

While the celebration is on, get ready to dress up! So how are you planning to dress up? Are you going to be a simple and subtle beauty, or are you planning on dressing up like a royal queen? Well, we know that most of you’ll will be in a confused state as to what to wear and how? Don’t worry, we tell you how to steal the spotlight !

Here are the top 9 that will make you look fashionably fabulous, be it at your dandiya nights or your puja visits!

#1 Out of the Box

For most of us, Navratri is about the fun filled dandiya nights, where we dress up in our perfect and vibrant cholis / designer lehengas. And despite it being a so-called traditional dandiya night, we get to decide and style in our own way to look different with a personal touch added to it. And what better than a trendy crop top and skirt set to make you look completely stylish to show off your grooves and moves?

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#2 Benarasi Sensation

The silk sarees all the way from Varanasi, Banarasi silk sarees are known for their beautiful and royal guise. This sensational category is for those who want to showcase a subtle look of grandeur.

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#3 Kalamkari Magic

Kalamkari, known for its charming and historic paintings on the fabric, is one of the most classic yet gorgeous piece that you can carry on your saree. And for a festival like Navratri (especially golu- celebrated in South India), a Kalamkari saree will make you stand out!

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#4 Vibrant Hues

For the festival filled with brightness and colors all around, some of us would love to look vibrant with a touch of elegance, especially for meets with our family and friends. How about some contemporary silk sarees that intensify you and your look at these events?

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#5 Funtastic

For all the girls / teenagers out there who would want to look completely trendy, adding the element of fun to your outfits is a perfect way to make you the style icon of your group.These designer crop top and skirt set are exactly the ones for you!

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#6 Add some flair

For a festival that is of such grandeur and richness, Navratri for some ladies is about dressing up in a glorious way, showcasing their elegance, grace and feminine charm. The best way to portray them is through traditional silk sarees, as they are known for being a woman’s most favourite companion.

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#7 The Effortless Stunner

Well who doesn’t like to look completely gorgeous in the most simplest way possible? Yes, sometimes a saree that is known to be a simple beauty is all that you would need to showcase your styling perfectly at a puja pandals. Look fabulous, stunning and a complete belle!

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#8 Perfectly poise

This is for those who would love to mix the aspect of simplicity in their traditional silk sarees, a look which will make you look completely beautiful, being a  perfect example of simplicity at its best!

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#9 Modern Desi

Okay, are you a person who loves to stick to the traditional grounds, yet would like to tweek it a bit? Well, the best solutions is to get into a grand long gown with a traditional roots and designs which are completely contemporary. Don’t they sound dreamy? Well, these definitely are the sensation!

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So now that you have gotten an idea as to what and how you can dress up this Navratri season to look like a striking beauty, what are you waiting for? Shop these outfits right away and steal the thunder this Navratri!

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